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Title of book 2. The focus will be on Canadian authors, but international authors published in Canada will also be included. Please note that we cannot review from photocopies or manuscript pages. Publishers who submit titles for review consideration via GalleyTracker will receive status updates through Galleytracker.

It should be an involved and informed response to the style, theme, and content.

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Please clearly mark them "In Lieu of Galleys. We do not want to put your reputation or ours at risk by publishing reviews whose credibility can easily be questioned.

The scale is as follows: The year the book was published 6. If you are not pleased with your review it happens you can exchange your review for an ad on the websites or in our weekly book newsletter. Allow 12 weeks for reply.

Primarily, they choose the books they want to review from the selection of books we receive every month. Those who advertise with us will automatically be bumped to the earliest available issue.

This company is a winner, and as highly as they have recommended my books, I recommend them. If you are quoting from a journal or magazine, please indicate the title of the periodical, the title of the article, the author of that piece, and the volume and issue date, as well as a photocopy of the quote.

Reviewers may opt for gift subscriptions in lieu of cash payment. Please note that we cannot and do not supply information regarding whether or when a book will be reviewed. Please include in parentheses citations to all quotations or facts included so we may easily fact-check the review.

If you would like to advertise your book on our social media platforms, click HERE. If a blurb or quote is needed before that time, a special request can be made to our Review Coordinator at: TBR asks for first-time print rights and nonexclusive electronic rights for all accepted submissions.

Send submissions to the editors.“City Book Review has provided a boost to my writing career in several ways. First, and foremost, shortly after I began to use their services, my sales markedly increased.

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Submit a Book for Review Thanks for your interest in submitting your book to mint-body.com for review. It's great authors like yourself that make this site what it is!

How to submit a book review to an academic journal? whether the author can submit a book review of a certain book, 2) or whether s/he can be assigned the task of writing a book review? This column, therefore, aims to demystify the process with a basic how-to guide for writing academic book reviews and getting them published.

Counterintuitively, it is actually best to begin by explaining how to get reviews published. mint-body.com is the world's only national writing resources website, based in Ireland but designed for writers everywhere. Updated daily with a mix of news, interviews and essential tips, our content is provided by a wide range of writers and currated to deliver you information and solutions.

Sep 22,  · How to Write a Book Review. Writing a book review is not just about summarizing; it's also an opportunity for you to present a critical discussion of the book.

Always submit your best work. "It was helpful and it gave me idea of how to write a book review. Allah bless wikiHow team." PP Pratiksha Parmar. Aug 29, %().

Write and submit book review
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