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The Department has a contract with Rio Salado Community College to provide a limited selection of vocational classes to inmates including computers classes. Please note the following information: What am I to do? Thank you for your input on this matter Virgie January 21, at 6: PrisonPath April 1, at 6: Can you tell me how I can submit an app.

San Pedro Unit has regular visitation Saturdays and Sundays from 8ampm and again from 12pm-4pm. What is needed and how far in advance is the information needed?

I have submitted an app. Volunteers ASPC-Perryville has numerous religious programs supported by three Chaplains and approximately volunteers that donate a number of hours to spiritual programming, educational tutoring, substance abuse programming and creative writing.

They must also progress beyond the 8th grade level in order to be eligible to receive anything more than the base pay for any job to which they are assigned. Phase III inmates may have up to 4, four hours blocks of visiting on either Satuday or Sunday Lumley closed custody limited to 3 visits per week, max custody limited to a single two hour non contact visit per week.

Death row inmates may have visits on Mondays only from 7am-3pm, the visits for death row inmates are by appointment only. Reply Teresa March 27, at 9: Take Interstate 10 West to Sarival Avenue.

Turn right North on Citrus Road. Reply Tommy March 15, at By completing and submitting this form, you are attesting to the truthfulness and accuracy of the information. You are not to submit an application while the inmate is in the intake process at Alhambra.

General population non-contact visits are Friday from 8amam, No time limit unless space availability is limited.

Arizona State Prison – Perryville

Non-contact visits are by appointment only on Fridays from 8am-9am and 9amam. Criminal background checks are conducted on all persons applying for visitation or phone call privileges.

Vocational education programs are available to inmates who qualify through Rio Salado Community College. Also, I have spent 5 days in Darango jail for a traffic ticket.

For potential visitors and those persons only receiving calls from inmates who wish to submit their application electronically, once the application is completed and submitted, the visitor or a potential call recipient will not be able to apply for the same inmate for a period of 90 days.

Brad Reply linda February 18, at 3: PrisonPath January 15, at 2: Non contact visits are by appointment only and are Fridays from How do go about applying for visitation? BoxGoodyear,AZ I was told an app.

Those persons wishing to accept phone calls from inmates and will not be visiting in-person must apply for phone privileges utilizing the regular application process.

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Contracts are also in place for 96 DUI treatment beds.Public Information. Know an inmate? Wishing there were something you could do to help them? You can help them right now. List an inmate.

Do you have a sexual predator living in your neighborhood? Inmate lookup options are available for each location. We also encourage you to join our Prison Forum to talk with other members about related topics, such as what to expect when you meet an inmate, death row, correspondence, visitation, different departments of corrections, and more.

Arizona State Prison Complex – Perryville Inmate Programs Visitation Policy. Arizona Department of Corrections Links. Arizona Department of Corrections Main Website Write a Review of Arizona State Prison Complex – Perryville.

Have you ever been incarcerated at Arizona State Prison Complex – Perryville?. Like most correctional institutions, Perryville offers inmates an adult basic education (ABE) program and a GED program.

Perryville Arizona State Prison Complex Visiting hours, inmate phones, mail Skip to main content. How do I write to an inmate at Perryville woman’s prison? I understand I need to be approved. How do I go about doing that.

Thank you. The following are the three options for sending money to an inmate at Arizona State Prison–Perryville: JPAY Global Tel-Link Keefe Inmate Deposit – JPAY Inmate Deposit – Global Tel-Link Inmate.

ASPC Perryville

Find an inmate at the Perryville Jail located in Perryville, AR, a medium security jail run by the Perryville Police Dept. Search arrest records, bail bond, phone service discountsLocation: North Fourche Ave PO BoxPerryville,AR.

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