Write a lesson plan for a conversation activity

Define narrative-writing, if your class has not yet addressed the skill set associated with this genre. It was written by Mary RedClay.

Check the answers and move on to the gap filling exercise. Ask students to share stories with one other member of the class. Note that unless otherwise indicated any quotations attributed to a source, photographs, illustrations, maps, diagrams or paintings were copied from public domain sources or are included based upon the "fair use" doctrine.

Recommend this site to a friend! Be sure they are clear that the use of dialogue is an important narrative tool. Step by Step 1. Using these messages as the dialogue that occurs in an interchange between characters, write a story that makes use of all 10 texts.

The best part of this lesson is that it does not leave anybody indifferent, as people generally tend to have some pet hates. Write a story, using description, action, and dialogue that weave the images together into one coherent narrative. On a sheet of paper, identify the photograph through a quick drawing and a brief description of what a viewer sees.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Interesting story with lively characters sharing meaningful dialogue.

Was the story nonsense, yet still fun to hear? Students will exercise and improve narrative-writing skills, including description and dialogue.

Acrostic Poems

Ask students if any one of them read an interesting or entertaining story and select among the responding students a few who will read the chosen stories aloud. Maria, is there anything that drives you up the wall?

Story could be followed; characters differed from one another and dialogue made sense. Then, I introduce the concept of the Rooma place where we can condemn whatever we find annoying.

Lesson Plans Based on Movies & Film Clips!

The photographs may be unrelated; this allows for creativity, and though a bit more complex, may be entertaining. Why would the world be a better place if ………….

Ask students if they saw any interesting photographs and heard an interesting story that was created from the sequence of photos. Students can then critique the stories and photos using the questions to consider and the three-point scale from above as their standard.

No claim to copyright is made as to those items.

LinkedIn lesson plan

Your stories may appear as a travelogue. Would you fly off the handle if …? This Lesson Plan was first published on March 18, Was there a well-defined place where the event in the story occurred? In these lesson plans, cell phone texting and picture function as a motivational device to interest students.

Give us your feedback! The handout is designed for students who do not have cell phones or do not have text messages to use for the assignments. My students have found this class really engaging and fun, and an unusual opportunity to vent about whatever they find annoying.I planned this LinkedIn lesson with my Business English students in mind.

Room 101 lesson plan

It combines speaking, listening and writing in the context of using LinkedIn. Room lesson plan is a perfect fit for more advanced and older students who need more speaking practice. Room lesson plan combines listening, vocabulary practice and speaking on the topic of the things that wind us up.

Room is a concept first introduced by George Orwell in his novelas a place containing people’s worst. How to teach English pronunciation using minimal pairs.

Lesson plan includes telephone speaking activity. For teachers of English (ESL/EFL). Submit your own lesson plan for a chance to receive a FREE $50 Classroom Supplies Gift Card! > Learn more! More than lessons and lesson plans from previous issues of the Internet TESL Journal which is a monthy web magazine for teachers of English as a second language.

•OCOPIABLE • © Macmillan Publishers Limited, CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM WEBSITE LESSON SHARE / Speaking / Making arrangements Lesson Share WORKSHEET Activity 1.

Write a lesson plan for a conversation activity
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