The day the dancers came by bienvenido santos

The lights shone on the avenues like soiled lamps centuries old and the skyscrapers became monsters with a thousand sore eyes. Kulas would not want them to suffer the same fate. It was especially a hassle to search for said book-- apparently it was only available in Fairview, Crossings, and another branch of National Bookstore which my memory has failed to cling on to.

His lips formed the words he was trying to phrase in his mind: In contrast to recording devices, a mirror does not aid preservation, it cannot recall the past, but only shows the present.

And when the dancers are back in the Philippines Tony came out of his room looking as if he had not slept all night. Be extra careful in the big cities like New York and Chicago, beware of the old-timers, the Pinoys.

Lita despised gambling and she was eager to get of the house to be rid of its smell and the strangers who flocked there.

He constantly feared that people he knew might see him with her. However, he would embarrass himself at the buffet table when Aida caught him stuffing some food egg yolk thing into his pocket.

This is a most telling line from a most plaintive character. He turned back before reaching Evanston. But what a cook that man was! He did all these in order to afford for his family the little extravagances. When Fay asked him what it meant, he told her that it was a love song.

Now there was a brightness in the air land Fil knew what it was and he shouted, "Snow! She sold recordings of hit songs at a department store. Now she played mahjong herself. She had a difficult childhood.

This faith is so strong a sedative.

The Day the Dancers Came: Selected Prose Works

Or was it his looks that kept them away? It did not promise, nor fulfil, happy endings, because it is set in real life, and reality itself is a reminder that there are no happy endings for all endings are bittersweet. There were no boots outside on the landing.

And it smells of death. Be appreciative of what you have, you are lucky to have something than to have nothing at all. In a way, this was what Fay was feeling about Val. Suddenly, he felt as if he was in the center of a group where he was not welcome.

Most of them are bums. He hoped to hear voices crying out, "Sir! While the dancers are here. Like time, memory was often a villain, a betrayer. The songs were in English, but most of the speeches were in the dialect, debates between him and Tony.

Bienvenido Santos’ The Day the Dancers Came

Without telling Tony, he had experimented on recording sounds, like the way a bed creaked, doors opening and closing, rain or sleet tapping on the window panes, footsteps through the corridor. And the scent of them! Fill shut the door between them and went over to the portable.

Our English teacher first having introduced the book to us as required reading, it was nothing but added expense on my part.

The Day the Dancers Came

When he got to church, he listened to the mass and realized with shame that he had not prayed to God. Afterwards, he lay down on the sofa and a weariness came over him, but he tried hard not to sleep.Bienvenido Santos: The Day The Dancers Came AS soon as Fil woke up, he noticed a whiteness outside, quite unusual for the November mornings they had been having.

That fall, Chicago was sandman's town, sleepy valley, drowsy gray, slumberous mistiness from sunup till noon when the clouds drifted away in cauliflower clusters and suddenly it was evening.

Under the Philippine Pensionado program (a continuation of the U.S. one begun in ), Santos came to the University of Illinois for a master’s degree in English. Later he studied at Harvard, Columbia, and, as a Rockefeller Foundation fellow, at the University of Iowa. PHILIPPINE STUDIES THE DANCERS AND BlENVENlDO SANTOS THE DAY THE DANCERS CAME.

Selected Prose Works. By Bienvenido N. Santos. Manila: Bookaark, The Day the Dancers Came Santos’ The Day the Dancers Came and An Lim’s The Axolotl Colony image the Filipino migrant. They tell the struggles of the Filipinos who are pushed into exile by circumstances not completely within their control.

Bienvenido Santos' The Day The Dancers Came is not the kind of book you would read as a past-time outside of school, or rather, it is to me (and also some of my classmates).

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The day the dancers came by bienvenido santos
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