The comparison of rule between fidel castro and julius caesar

He did this by gaining popularity by attacking other countries and defeating them. She also used religion to support her claim to the throne, claiming to be the daughter of the Sun-God, an ancient royal title. She knew that she must leave Egypt and so set sail for Syria.

On each occasion she dressed as the Goddess Aphrodite.

Fidel Castro vs Julius Caesar

Augustus brought about the Pax Romana; Gorbachev gave up an empire without a shot being fired. Antony took control of the entire eastern Mediterranean region, which included Egypt.

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The terrible things that they did were just that - terrible. Cleopatra met Antony several times during her visit to Tarsus. Enter Julius Caesar While these dramas were playing out in the Ptolemaic dynasty, up north a bloody civil war was taking place.

Antony planned to set up an empire in North Africa and the Middle east to challenge his rivals in Rome. Finally, in 42 BCE, the Roman lands were divided among the three. Antony succeeded in taking Pelusium and getting close to the gates of Alexandria in the spring of 30 BCE.

Instead, she deliberately took her time. But the young king was not appeased. It was widely feared that Caesar would name Caesarion as his heir and that Cleopatra would then have a hold on the Roman Empire through her son.

She learned new languages, including Egyptian, which surprisingly was not spoken in the royal court — all her family members spoke Greek.

A comparison of julius caesar and fidel castro two dictators

A few days before her departure, however, Cleopatra managed to evade surveillance and killed herself, probably with snake poison brought into the prison in a basket. The sails were made of silk, a rare and costly cloth from China. And I think that is the case with Caesar and Fidel.

One of the main similarities between Caesar and Fidel is their early life. We are looking thousands of years back in time when analyzing the Roman system hence we do view it mostly in an impartial light. The most pressing issue was the unrelenting demand for taxes coming Rome. She took great care with her preparations — she wanted Antony to be delighted, astonished and, most importantly, impressed.

She took her only surviving sister, Arsinoe, into exile with her. One from this century, and one from the reign of Caesar. She had been communicating with him from her post over the border.

She lay on a couch beneath a canopy of gold cloth. This was especially so after the Roman Senate found out about his will, in which he declared his intention to be buried in Egypt beside Cleopatra.

Fidels first step was when he led an unsuccessful attack on the Moncada army barraks which Then she went to see Caesar at the palace. The title of dictator in the Roman sense is certainly not the same as how we define the word today.

Her two younger brothers were both named Ptolemy according to the custom. As for the comparison of the Roman autocracy to the structure of the Mafia, I see what you mean.

Antony forgot his war against the Parthians and hurried to Egypt. Being a poor country, and being under terrible times, the Cuban people were influenced easily.

Through cunning and guile, she survived to rule Egypt as all of her siblings perished by the wayside. At her death, Egypt lost its most famous — and possibly its greatest — queen.Fidel Castro vs Julius Caesar is the twenty-fourth installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History.

It features Former Prime Minister of Cuba, Fidel Castro, against Former Roman dictator Length: A comparison of julius caesar and fidel castro two dictators A comparison of oedipus and creon powerful. dictators such as It a personal recount about the influence of coming to canada portrays the 44 BC conspiracy against the Roman dictator Julius Caesar.

reign of Caesar. It is interesting to see how through out history that all the great dictators thought alike.

Cleopatra Biography: Queen of Egypt

Though they might differ in details all of them basically followed the same pattern. And I think that is the case with Caesar and Fidel. One of the main similarities between Caesar and Fidel is their early life.

Comparison: Caesar And Fidel Castro

- Fidel Castro, the Cuban people’s Leader Fidel Castro and the United States of America have a very tense relationship. The current president of Cuba has helped the less fortunate people of Cuba in many ways, but in doing created conflict between the wealthier Cubans who in turn have chosen to seek homes on US soil in Florida.

Jun 13,  · Could you give me a comparison between julius caesar and comparison. Clue: Power, and loss. Julius Caesar between Julius Caesar and Fidel Castro.?Status: Resolved.

The reason Julius Caesar is still fascinating 2, years later is because he was such a paradox. On the one hand, he was a horrific conqueror - I'm sure you can name a bunch of drug cartel leaders, mob bosses*, and warlords alive today that emulate Caesar's tactics of dividing and conquering his enemies, building coaltions, etc.

The comparison of rule between fidel castro and julius caesar
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