Santa doesn t exist essay

Any warmer than this, and the choreography breaks down and the clusters behave like any old bunch of atoms. In the language of physics, its quantum wavefunction collapses.

The diffraction pattern seen on the other side of the slits suggests that the particle passes through both holes at once and interacts with itself. A conventional reindeer can run 15 miles per hour at the most.

The entire reindeer team would be vaporized within. Of course Father Christmas exists, and he can visit arbitrarily as many children has he pleases in as short a time as is convenient, barring mid-air reindeer pile- ups.

Does Santa Exist?

For purposes of comparison, the fastest man-made vehicle, the Ulysses space probe, moves at a poky The quantum nature of Father Christmas explains the taboo against seeing him do his job - which Dawkins does not explain. Well, apart from being a somewhat cruel thing to do to a small child the distinguished professor for the public understanding of science should pick on someone his own sizethe argument is, to be charitable, an incomplete explanation.

Admittedly, these clusters are too small to see with the naked eye, let alone qualify as cheerful red- faced men with sacks full of gifts, but the point is made. It is possible to object that Father Christmas is far too large, rubicund and jolly to be a particle.

You must be over 12 to read this 1 No known species of reindeer can fly, but there arespecies of organisms yet to be classified, and while most of these are insects and germs, this does not completely rule out flying reindeer which only Santa has ever seen.

The key lies in the fact of observation.

At an average census rate of 3. Scientists have managed to choreograph large clusters of atoms to behave as if they were just one particle, in a kind of nanoscopic Busby Berkeley routine.

Assuming that each of these In short, they would burst into flame almost instantaneously, exposing the reindeer behind them, and creating deafening sonic booms in their wake. OK, so neither of these places gets as chilly as absolute zero, but it must count for something that no deserving child would address their wish list to hot places such as, say, Borneo or Brazil.

Proof that Santa exists

Provided that nobody seeks to measure the effect with more than a certain amount of precision, the particle keeps all its options open. In the real-life, macroscopic world of people, elves and flying reindeer, the quantum behaviour of each of the squillions of particles from which we are made averages out, so what we see is the everyday phenomenon of causes preceding effects, and people who can never be in two places at once.

On land, conventional reindeer can pull no more than pounds. Again, for comparision, this is four times the weight of the Queen Elizabeth 2. However, if detectors are placed at the slits, to see which slit the particle passes through, the diffraction pattern disappears, and the particle can be seen to pass through either one slit or the other, but not both.

Dawkins may be no slouch when it comes to evolution, but he knows by his own admission rather less about physics. Importantly, these macroscopic quantum objects observe the rules of the quantum world when cooled to within a whisker of absolute zero - minus C.

Following the logic of the two-slit experiment, it is perfectly possible for him to visit all the good children of the world simultaneously, provided that he does so unseen.Does Santa exist?

Help your child defend jolly old Saint Nicholas with this persuasive essay exercise. Uh oh, some mean kids have made an argument that Santa doesn't exist! Free Essay: Santa Claus Does Exist So you don’t believe in Santa Claus.

It’s understandable.

We find ourselves in an age of pure skepticism. We question. Convincing Your Kids Santa Is Real Is Bad For Their Mental Health writing in a new essay published in the Lancet Psychiatry say it’s a terrible idea.

start to realize that Santa isn’t. Why Santa Doesn’t Exist Its winter and holiday season is upon us. For most people this means last minute shopping for gifts, unless you are a child and believe it’s actually Santa Clause who will deliver the presents to your Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

10 Reasons To Tell Your Kids The Truth About Santa. Jesus said, "The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; When a little girl realizes that Santa doesn't exist, and that's the reason why she didn't always get what she asked for at Christmas, she might figure that God's non-existence was the best explanation for why her.

Proof that Santa exists Richard Dawkins boasts that he tried to tell a six-year-old child that Father Christmas didn't exist. His argument was that Father Christmas would not be able to climb.

Santa doesn t exist essay
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