Resume writing activity for a class

This activity will help teens create a professional resume that effectively presents their skills and talents to future employers. Why This Is Helpful Because of the range of writing teens do-from very informal communication with peers to more formal writing in school and other settings-they need to be aware of the special requirements for resume writing.

Time availability should not be included on a resume. After all, the potential financial rewards of resume writing are different from most writing teens engage in, and the real consequences of an effective resume can be motivating to teen writers.

No date is listed for her high school diploma; there is no description of coursework that might be relevant to the workplace.

He described past job duties in a way that emphasizes his skills and leadership qualities. He arranged his work history in reverse chronological order.

You may want to note that there is no single best way to structure a resume. The other is from " Joe Graduate ," a sharp student who graduated from a state university and has been active acquiring several skill sets. Four typos were intentionally added in.

Additional sections that could have been included in the samples are Computer Skills, Honors and Awards, and School Activities. Can students identify them? One comes from " Sally Sad ," a high school graduate with little motivation, job experience or sense of professionalism.

Creative Activities for Teaching Resume Writing

Activity Description Both over the summer and during the school year, many teens are interested in getting a part-time job or taking part in volunteer activities that will help build their work experience.

Search Writing a Good Resume: Go over both resumes as a class. Once students have completed their analysis of the resumes, go over best practices for resume writing. Here are some points to cover when reviewing the sample resumes. Teens will learn why resumes are an important part of the job application process and by working through the process of creating their own resumes, they will learn how to read a job ad carefully, format a resume, and tailor their resume to a job ad by using professional language.

Writing a First Resume

She uses unprofessional wording e. There are several typos see highlights below.Seeing through Employer’s Eyes: Group Resume Game Overview: Resume Writing and Hiring Committee Debrief suggested time 15 minutes 4) Resume Presentation suggested time 15 minutes Begin this activity by dividing participants into groups of 3 to 5 people.

Then introduce a role play: explain that you are hiring one group to work. Lesson Plan 4 RESUME WRITING OBJECTIVE: Five minutes at the end of one class to assign the Resume Worksheet followed by one minute class to discuss resume structure and formatting. A follow-up class allows students to peer review other resumes.

- Developed and taught activity based, cooperative learning units. Resume Writing Workshop Activities The following activities can be used before, during or after a “Resume Writing Workshop” for the purpose of improving your resume writing skills Activity 1: Structuring a Successful Resume mark of First Class.

Grade students critique and practice writing resumes. Writing a Good Resume: Student Critique and Practice Exercise Go over both resumes as a class.

Invite students to share their poems with the class. This activity is a fun one that enables you to learn how your students view themselves. Allow older students to use a dictionary or. Writing your own resume is particularly challenging because it requires an honest and exhaustive self-assessment.

Scholatic suggests asking students to begin by writing someone else's resume, such as a celebrity or cartoon character. Encourage students to focus on the positive and minimize the. Activity Writing a First Resume After all, the potential financial rewards of resume writing are different from most writing teens engage in, and the real consequences of an effective resume can be motivating to teen writers.

Resume writing activity for a class
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