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Still, Stewart always considered Rear Window his favorite. Hitchcock wants the viewer to notice Miss Torso because it is an example of what Jeff sees.

In the climax, when he is pushed through the window the screenhe has been forced to become part of the show. Being able to see Miss Torso gives an example of something that Jeff sees. That can only mean that he can derive sexual pleasure only through looking. Is Rear Window not, more than anything, a warning against voyeurism?

Jeff continues to watch as Mr. Jeff gets sexually aroused by watching his neighbours while Lisa gets aroused when she dresses up for him to show her latest buy.

We watch him because he is a compelling character, period. He is aroused by this new spontaneous side of her. The reasons why this film was so popular Rear window essay still is is not only because of the well known personalities in the cast but also because all Rear window essay the techniques from above we made to leave the audience on a lifesaver the whole way through the film.

The camera movements are largely aerial with freedom to explore everything and select particular points of interests, and complimented by gradual tight close-ups in the courtyard.

We see Thorwald approaching the building from the outside and Lisa snooping around inside simultaneously. The film came at the height of Rear window essay glamour. On the other side, Lisa cannot even gain Jeffries attention by sitting in his lap.

Then the blinds are pulled and thus sexual relations are implied. Woolrich portrays Jeffries as a blank slate, lacking anyone to talk to except Sam, a compassionate black houseman whom Hitchcock drops from the story.

This makes Rear window essay more important to Jeffries in that he can now discuss what is going on with someone who will listen. Letting the viewer do their own spying makes the viewer more interested in what is going on in the background and more involved in what is happening in the movie.

He has to replace his stimulus with whatever he can: Although there are 3 kinds of looks associated with cinema, the crew filming, the audience watching it and the look between the characters we see a connection between the voyeuristic tendency of Jeffries looking out of the windows that resemble small cinematic screens and the audience watching his actions on a big cinema screen.

In other words, we get a bunch of movies within a movie within a movie, most of them silent, unfolding as pure visual cinema. In many ways the Thorwalds marriage parallels Lisa and Jeffries relationship, except with a reversal in gender. As a voyeuristic society, we take personal pleasure in watching what is going on around us.

A middle aged man who from the apparatus inside his apartment appears to be a musician, a dancer performing various stretches and children playing in the street. In respect to light treatment, Rear Window is chiefly built in shades of red and green. One review speaks on the parallels between Jeffries and the nagging Mrs.

All is dark except for a couple of houses which also gives the scene as sinister twist since at the start it was colorful but now it is dark and the camera is not quite focused. We watch worriedly as Lisa gets arrested but Just before she leaves the camera zooms in on her and in a mid shot she shows that she has the wedding ring.

The characters themselves verbally point out a similarity between Lisa and Miss Torso played by Georgine Darcy. But with such striking reaction shots, Hitch garners sympathy for the woman.

The edges of the frame show Jeff and Lisa, but they also incorporate the opposing side of the apartment complex in the middle of the frame. In the scene when Doyle first meets Lisa, it is obvious that he cannot take his eyes off her.

By exposing her willingness to take risks he sees that there is more to her than high society and fashion.

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Laura Mulvey argues in Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema that in virtually every visual text, the man represents the bearer of the gaze while the woman is the image or subject of the gaze. It meant they had to act.

The camera moves around in extremely precise movements with frequent change of view of the architecture. Psycho The opening of Psycho begins with the camera high above a huge city, it pans around the city then cuts to a lower view.

This is clearly symbolic of the end of Jeffries marriage anxiety, which leads to his willingness to accept her as a bride. He relieves it with a wooden spoon and his motion reminds me of masturbation. He believes that Thorwald finally became so tired of his nagging wife that he butchered her with a knife and saw.

All they see however is the shadows and a high pitched scream before the camera zooms out and spirals back to Jeff who has an astonished look on his face. Renting A key element is the use of vectors, which are lines establishing contact between the two actors. Jeff and Lisa are two characters with contrasting style of life.There are two main themes in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, voyeurism and marriage.

Many believe that Rear Window "is a metaphor and study in making and viewing a film."" The opening shots of the film show the blinds of Jeff's apartment being raised to reveal the courtyard.

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The blinds resemble. The film ‘Rear Window’, directed by Alfred Hitchcock inenthralled worldwide audiences through its clever and original depiction of a suburban murder. Insight Sample Essays are high-level sample essays written by experienced teachers, assessors and experts in the analysis of literature, poetry, film and dramatic texts.

Each sample essay shows students how to identify and analyse the explicit and implied ideas, values and themes in each text, and the ways in which textual features create meaning. “Rear Window” tells the story of a globe-trotting photo-journalist who breaks his leg on a dangerous assignment and is confined to a wheelchair in his.

Free College Essay Voyeurism in Rear Window. VOYEURISM IN “REAR WINDOW” In this essay, I shall try to illustrate whether analysing the movie Rear Window as a. In Rear Window, Jeffries, although in a passive physical position, takes on an active role by viewing his neighbors and eventually Lisa.

Her character captures the attention of the audience immediately in the film.

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