Raising finance

Private equity finance is often focused on a 5 year time horizon until an exit for shareholders is sought.

What you will need to consider is: This process can be the most time consuming part of the financing process taking 4 to 6 weeks for equity investors, but shorter for debt investors, and it is important that this process is managed correctly to ensure that no undue delays occur.

The council retained the freehold assets and therefore a long-term benefit and potentially enhanced future return on this element of its asset base.

High net worth investors When a small business starts up, the owners often turn to friends and family for cash to help them to grow their business.

They will have a vested interest in helping the business to grow as they will only realise their investment on sale of the stake.

What you are looking to raise finance for will impact on the types of finance you may wish to explore. As a company grows, this source is unlikely to be sufficient to finance its growth strategy, but an external investor who can put in more substantial funds, may be a good additional source of finance.

The final valuation will usually come from detailed negotiations between the company, the Advisors, and the Investor but in the end it must be one that all parties are comfortable with. Getting a high net worth on board can be particularly helpful to a private company that is at the early-stage of its development, or needs a large injection of cash to expand rapidly.

Bank debt Banks are often the first place a business turns to for advice or a loan when it needs capital. Completion Once the Investor is satisfied with its due-diligence, they will then proceed with the company to drawing up final agreements. What do you need to finance?

It has particular expertise in working with EIB loans for large scale public funding projects. Grant Thornton undertook a thorough analysis, comparing various deal scenarios with differing sensitivities and investor returns.


As well as sourcing and negotiating commercial funding, Grant Thornton advised on all tax implications of the lease transfer. Each component may be financed from a different source. Advantages and disadvantages A major advantage of bank debt is that it is available to most companies as long as you can offer some security for the loan, and have a solid business plan.

Advantages and disadvantages A private investor can be a source of either short- or long-term finance.

It is important to note the typical length of time that it takes to complete the financing process, particularly for equity investment.The average raise is £, and the largest raise on the platform to date was for BrewDog, which raised £10m. Can I apply to raise finance on Crowdcube?

Startup, early and growth stage businesses, from a broad range of sectors, can raise finance on Crowdcube. Raising Finance Co-operatives have played a key role in many Australian communities for more than one hundred years. Their popularity began in rural communities when agricultural producers combined their efforts to process and market their products economically.

The ways of raising money are just as diverse, but many foundations are taking their cue from the tried and true practices of private institutions. Raising funding for your small business is one of the first hurdles that a new entrepreneur may face.

Take a look at all the different small business financing options in this section – plus take a look at insights and opinions on the different start up financing routes from entrepreneurs who’ve been through it. Businesses in the Chelmsford area needing to raise finance require professional advice, which CBHC can provide.

Here are some of the issues you will need to consider.

Raising finance

Raising funds to help support your business's growth is fundamental to financing a company, and in the unprecedented economic environment, this is an ever-increasing challenge for UK businesses.

Grant Thornton is experienced in helping management teams.

Raising finance
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