Over 30 workers trapped after chilean copper mine collapse

The mining company must possess some sort of responsibility to make sure the families of the workers are updated on everything that is happening and the precautions they will be taking to ensure the safety of their loved ones.

Over 30 workers trapped after Chilean copper mine collapse

In such a situation where men were trapped, it portrays that they were the source of income in their household. Like the hundreds of others who have been involved in the rescue on this dusty stretch of desert, Aguilar has put his life on hold for these 33 men.

People thought we were going to come in here and drill metres, 1, metres a day. But the significance of what they are on the cusp of accomplishing is not lost on him.

There will be ways of communication given to the miners from the company and to the families. When he first heard that the Chilean rescue operation might take until Christmas, Fisher got on the Internet and began researching — what were the depths, the rock type, the geological conditions of the Mina San Jose?

In some ways, the Quecreek mission was similar to the Mina San Jose operation — drills were used to create rescue holes for the trapped miners, who were ultimately pulled from the ground in rescue cages.

After the special operations squad failed a second time to enter the mine, the Chilean government began to assemble its own rescue team. But at Quecreek, the trapped miners were only about 60 metres below the surface. If the communication is done incorrectly it could possibly affect not alone the families of the workers but also the reputation of the company.

This is to keep everyone aware of the status of the miners update and also answering any questions or concerns you may have. The third hole that reached the miners in August has become the basis for the Plan B drill, a Schramm T Although set against the seemingly Martian landscape of the Atacama Desert, it resembles a small spaceship.

And water is not exactly easy to come by in the middle of a desert. What would be the potential needs of the families of the miners in receiving a message about this incident? The type of communication and language to be used such as memos and letters is also a consideration.

He is there for the miners. The gigantic piece of rock that caused the collapse is still perched in the mine at a precarious angle and could fall again.

But of the three drill rigs, Plan A has had the farthest distance to dig, just under metres. It was soon determined that there were nine drills available near the Mina San Jose that could be quickly mobilized and delivered to the site.

Inevitably, someone will mention the miners. When this happens, a special apparatus behind the drill bit — called a rotary vertical drilling system — senses the deviation and pushes the drill bit back on track.

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He and other researchers who are authors of other articles also explain that the mine had been closed in but had been reopened Weik, Robstad accompanied the drill rig, which was brought down to explore for gas. The nine drill rigs were set up in an arc formation, most pointing their drill bits toward that target.

It looked as though a volcano had erupted. The shift leader at the time of the collapse, foreman Luis Urzua, is expected to come up last. The tentative plan is to encase the top 70 metres of the hole only, the source said.

Families have already launched lawsuits against the company, as well as the government. The Mina San Jose, first exploited inis about metres deep, the first metres of it dug in the early 20th century. The follow up process will clarify the things discussed to all parties about the incident and what procedures will take place for the workers in the future.

Every day, for breakfast and supper, a few dozen men trickle into the dining room wearing Oilers caps or Calgary Flames sweatshirts. The machine, called a Rigwas the third and final drill to arrive for the rescue dig. They should be convinced that everything possible is being done to ensure that all the lives of those inside the mine are saved.

Last, please do not hesitate to contact the Employee Benefit Help line for counseling. Robstad insists the only pressure he feels is from himself. The Strata was the first drill recruited to assist with the rescue efforts.Jul 08,  · Updated: Oct. 12, On Oct. 13,33 miners who had been trapped underground for more than two months all returned to the surface after a successful rescue operation that inspired Chile.

Resource: “Over 30 Workers Trapped After Chilean Copper Mine Collapse” article. San José mine, a small copper operation in northern Chile owned by Minera San Esteban Primera, suffered a cave-in on August 5, leaving 33 workers trapped underground.

WORKERS TRAPPED AFTER CHILEAN COPPER MINE COLLAPSE Date According to Whelchel and Dauble, Chile, mine collapse that happened on 5 August trapped over thirty workers inside the mine.

Chilean workers start a drilling machine outside the San Esteban gold and copper mine on August 17,trying to reach 33 trapped miners 12 days after the mine collapsed.

(ARIEL MARINKOVIC/AFP. Week 4: Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Report Monique Carr BCOM/ February 21, Instructor: Yuvonne Richmond Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Report In the article that I had to research called “Over 30 workers trapped after Chilean Copper Mine Collapse” (Weik, ) it talks about what occurred on August 5, in which the San Jose mine collapsed trapping approximately 30 workers.

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Over 30 workers trapped after chilean copper mine collapse
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