Once upon a time regina and hook fanfiction

Cora sends Hook after Regina. Inspired by an amazing manip by ReginaLocksleyy. October 9, Updated: In order to proceed with her plans, she needs to figure out what or who is causing it. Fairy tale romance with my spin on Cinderella.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Most of the time there are arguments and fights or David will just burn everything. April 8, Updated: April 26, Updated: A fairy tale happy ending and fluffy reunion for Regina and Daniel.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Sweeney Todd - Rated: June 11, 5: Regina tosses the apple to Claire and then has trouble getting down. As Regina struggles to find her own identity and create her own destiny, she discovers that her fate might just be to become everything she despises.

How does dinner go when someone has a secret and that secret gets wildly misinterpreted until finally it explodes? November 3, Updated: Mary Poppins - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: With a magic GP that she created she impregnates snow.

Could it be that Regina has finally found a true friend? September 11, Updated: Worried neither would feel the same. Mary returns to London for her new assignment, and for Bert. For Regina, friendships have always been a rare commodity. Based on a manip from CarolinaMR9.

Jack realizes he has feelings for Karen, but what he will do about them is the most difficult decision he will face. Maria has found the perfect life in her husband and seven adoring children. If you have any questions, please see our policies.

After Rumple is captured by the charmings Belle gets the help of Jefferson to find him. Will and Grace - Rated: Claire provides a boost to get Regina higher up into the tree.

This journey would be certainly interesting for them. The Dark One thoroughly seduced by the light that is Emma Swan, leaves Hook to pick up the pieces time and time again.

Majka reviews Few days after Regina separated herself from the Evil Queen the Queen started feeling strange. Henry talks about the foxhunt he went on with his friend Giles Spencer, who is also the royal doctor. Starts out with Skin deep and continues throug the show.

January 22, Updated: December 19, 8: Does Principle Mills feel the same?

Regina and Robin Hood begin to have a secret love affair. K - English - Romance - Chapters:An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. When the great and terrible Captain Hook decides to hold the two royals for ransom, love will prove to be a far greater treasure then all the gold the seas had to.

Once Upon A Time Original Female Character Analyssa and Killian Jones. Hook/OC – When Emma and Mary Margaret enter the Enchanted Forest they stumble across one Captain Hook, though he isn’t quite alone.

In love with hook (once upon a time fanfiction hook/oc) Naruko usumaki Fanfiction Romance 4 months ago This is story is about how milah the wife of rumpelstiltskin gave there daughter to a pirate for her freedom, will she fall in love with his or not, (this story is going to be first chapter in the enchanted forest the secon in storybrook and.

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Regina's Daughter (Once Upon A Time Fanfiction)

Angel is a girl who always helps out her friends, so when Henry, the son of one of her best friends Emma, gets kidnapped, she goes on an adventure with Emma, her parents Snow White and Prince Charming, Henry's adoptive mother Regina, Rumplestiltskin and Captain Hook to save Henry.

Once upon a time regina and hook fanfiction
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