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The song starts off with clean guitar playing arpeggios, drums in the background tapping the cymbals and the bass playing the root notes of the song.

Michael Jackson – Thriller – Music video analysis

The song sounded very flat and weak and without much instrumentation within the song it sounds like the song was arranged into the album to fill up some recording Michael jackson thriller analysis.

Over all I feel the work done to this song is a master piece and had a lot of work done to get it that way. Read on to find out more. This question may never be solved, but simply sketched a last time when the video ends with the signatures of Michael jackson thriller analysis scriptwriters Michael Jackson and John Landis, who claim the video as a work of pure fiction: Dancing past warehouses and chain link fences that look like Detroit, Chicago, or parts of L.

Michael is later seen as a ghoul himself and a group dance is then performed which brings the song back into life. Whereas the video is made from all the contrary: The song was well structured as it was given a good warm feel to the song similar to what you would find in a disco and had a great groove for those who would with to dance to it.

The overall the song includes a good use of call response and range in the vocals with the main vocals sounding quick and abrupt giving an attacking feel inside the song. Wild beast or civilized savior?

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As Michael is outside with his date he starts singing the song towards his date and as they pass the graveyard a Narrator talks a type of enchantment that brings ghouls and zombies to life and slowly gang up on the couple. It has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide and it is certified 28x platinum in Michael jackson thriller analysis United States.

The religion includes belief in one great spirit as well as elements of magic and sorcery performed by select priests and priestesses.

Michael is standing in front of his girlfriend, dressed in his red leather suit and with a normal, smiling face he asks her casually: There has been much speculation as to why Michael eventually stopped recording and touring with the Jacksons since it is not really known as to why he left the group it is widely considered that he left due to his albums off the wall and thriller became more successful than his work when he was with the Jacksons.

The whole face, for that matter, was bad enough. After a few seconds, this title fades to total black. The guitars broken chords are also used to replace the keyboard to help make its easier to add a change to the chorus.

The song unlike the first 2 tracks on the album is probably the first track to feature a melodic use of the guitar it start out playing in a similar style as the bass as they play like they are entwined into one another and then changes to a broken chord which is accompanied by a piccolo to add more clarity and sharpness while maintaining a smooth and happy harmony.

The low lighting in the street and the make-up make for a good setting for what is happening. But even before Romero, zombies represented fears in the American consciousness. The book brought zombies to American culture in a chapter called "Dead Men Working in the Cane Fields," which described zombies as a sort of undead pseudo-slaves.

She observes him, worried, obviously trying to understand what is happening.

Another would be its use of the crescendo when it has a number of over dubbing and its quick dynamic increase then suddenly its smoothed back into the original structure of the song My thoughts on the song are that it is a smooth easy listening song that goes well in the album as it takes it down a notch from the rapid paced drums, the upbeat bass and fast melodic singing and replaces it with a slow easy listening calm enjoyable yet almost upsetting song.

If we sum up the video after having seen it, we can state that the story actually tells this: Around them are many tombs. Other technical techniques that are featured would be a slight add of reverb on the guitar and then its quick fade out.

The sound well composed but can get quite dull after listening to if for a while as it is the opening song to the album but is a very long 6 minutes as it seems to be quite repetitive even though a multitude of different uses of instruments and styles are incorporated into the song.

Michael Jackson Thriller Analysis Essay

Some Technical features that are put within the song are the some samples such as the twinkling sound near the intro of the song just before the lyrics start. Overall id probably say this is one of my favourite songs throughout the whole of the album mainly because of it heavy influence on the bass and how it rarely deviates from the melody i also enjoy how the structure of the song has been arranged along with the counter melodies that have been put it to accompany the bass along with the drums.

Critical Analysis of Thriller - Michael Jackson

The zombies follow her. One obscure power possessed by some voodoo priests was to turn a human into a "zombi," which meant the priest could kill the person in body and soul, and then restore the body from the dead to work for him or her.

But zombies in American culture date all the way back to the s, when the idea of the zombie was introduced to the U.First Analysis presentation for A2 media studies. Michael Jackson- Thriller. Michael Jackson Thriller Analysis McCleanhan English June 17th, Michael Jackson’s thriller video is an iconic short film and music video.

Known for his elaborate dance moves and vocals, the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson was sure to make this video a hit when it released in Oct 27,  · Watch as we crack into Michael Jackson's Thriller – the best selling album of ALL TIME! The Genius of Michael Jackson’s Thriller – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis - Duration: Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions Co-Produced by Michael Jackson Recorded and mixed by Bruce Swedien using the Acusonic Recording Process Technical Engineer: Matt Forger Assistant Engineer: Steve Bates Assistant Sound Sources Recorded by Humberto Gatica and Matt Forger Additional Sound Sources Recorded at Ocean Way Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA.

Thriller by Michael Jackson. Get the story behind Thriller, the lyrics, Michael Jackson, and the cultural context of the song. Apr 16,  · Michael Jackson’s Former Sound/Audio Engineer Reveals Who ‘Annie’ Is From The Song ‘Smooth Crimin - Duration: Dr. Philviews.

Michael jackson thriller analysis
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