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In The Third Life of Grange Copeland, for example, Ruth and her grandfather form a family unit based on trust and reciprocity. Maggie, on the other hand, had been promised the quilts for her marriage; she loved them because they reminded her of the grandmother who made them.

Instead, she creates believable heroines. Its main interest is that, in preparing for the story and researching Voodoo, Walker found the works of Zora Neale Hurston, which opened new doors for her. Traynor becomes a pitiable character, as victimized by the entertainment industry as Gracie Mae—more so, in that he lacks her sense of self-worth.

The theme of change accompanies each of the already discussed themes: Maggie has stayed home with her mother and lived an old-fashioned, traditional life, while Dee has gone off to school and become sophisticated.

As a former wife and mother, Meridian is not the socially preferred virginal Saxon girl. Meridian is not perfect, however; her physical maladies and her guilt concerning her mother and child combine effectively to cripple her until she determines to move toward a life of work with which she is morally comfortable.

Given the literature study online essays by alice marriages and relationships between black men and women presented in her work, the hope of sanctuary in the family may at first appear absurd.

Sweet lovingly so that the reader can see that someone others might reject as a person of no account he gets drunk on his own home brew and chews tobacco is in fact important to the family and to the town.

For example, her black female characters experience much in common with the larger black female population: In Alice Munro short story, How I Meet my Husband, Edie is characterised as a normal and non-working women which have no role in the society as a leader or important person.

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Edie is described as a weak, hopeless and making a wrong decision about something. This new Celie eventually makes peace with Mr. Only then does her strength return. This story creates suspense as to whether its conclusion will affirm a belief in Voodoo, but it does not have the depth of character or sense of community evident in many of the other stories that appear in the collection In Love and Trouble.

Grange Copeland begins his married life with Margaret as an optimistic sharecropper. Edie have to surrender waiting for a reply from Chris and married the mailman. The young women, Edie in the story show that the writer undermines feminism.

She returns to the South, where she lives a spartan life of emotional wealth, working for poor black people in small, everyday ways. Not an apologist, Walker ultimately demands that black men assume responsibility for their actions.

Her opinion of the South and of her father in particular has inhibited her growth as an artist; she cannot render black men on paper at all, not having the strength to draw what she sees as complete defeat. Her apprentice, the narrator, goes to visit the woman who had caused the disaster, Sarah Marie Holley, and makes her purpose of collecting the physical materials for the ritual clear.

Short story A decision over who gets the family quilts helps to define heritage. The letters afford the characters the opportunity to speak in their own voices, their own unique language. However, after some time, Edie finally realise that the letter will never come and stop waiting.

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Similarly, in The Temple of My Familiar, the characters share narration, which gives the effect of storytelling and reveals much of their personalities through their use of language. In the past, women experience that they are being manipulate by a man just like in the short story that I have read.

Women are being oppressed by the society and the application of feminist criticism and theory in the story is relevant to describe how women experience their life in the story.

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The writer shows that Edie is portrayed as a very naive teenage girl who falls in love and make a false judgment of what love is all about. The importance of the family unit is another theme on which Walker varies throughout her fiction and nonfiction.

Chris is a man character in the story and he is undermines the oppression of women. Mem dreams of a middle-class life for them, and Brownfield believes, as did Grange, that working as a sharecropper will be a stepping-stone to this better life.

One of those homecomings leaves Meridian pregnant, and she suffers a subsequent abortion alone, never telling Truman. For example, Edie easily give herself up to Chris by letting him to take the advantage of her.

As a part of male domination, women were forced to give and accept every condition where male can denominated in the society. Free from a single, oppressed image of all black men, Sarah feels she may now portray her grandfather in stone.

Meridian moved away from strict chronology, using vignettes as puzzle pieces. Peebles is portrayed as a lazy woman, who does not know how to cook or do the house work and she easily to believe that what other people said to her especially from Loretta Bird, the town gossiper and noisy neighbour.

The feeling between them intensifies, and Shug and Celie become lovers for a time. Her family was lost because help was refused them during the Depression when they were starving.This story shows that women are being discriminated by man and this story support the feature of undermines feminism.

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Try FREE! Study Guides on Works by Alice Walker Alice Walker: Poetry Alice Walker Alice Walker is an African-American writer and political advocate, known for her works in fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Essays and criticism on Alice Walker - Critical Essays.

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