Lenovo flex 2 y50 touch

Putting the screen into Stand mode is a boon for playing games and viewing movies. The keys have a scalloped shape and slightly curved keycaps for Lenovo flex 2 y50 touch.

Performance Powered by a 1. The Flex 2 registered a whopping 94 decibels on our audio test tone playback from 23 inches awayoutcranking the Inspiron 15 87 decibelsAspire E15 79 decibels and the mainstream average 86 decibels.

That said, it did well in our battery test, lasting 4 hours 33 minutes. I was fond of the striped, metal-brushed aluminum deck and slim edges, but the bulky backside offsets those features. The multicolored Windows 8. The system comes with a one-year warranty. The notebook had no problem streaming The Avengers on Netflix, even with 12 tabs open on Chrome and another dozen running on Internet Explorer.

This app has sound presets for movies, music, games and voice. Lenovo Flex 2 Inch. However, the Dell laptop has a larger battery, and its lower-powered processor favors battery life over performance, as shown by its middling scores on the multimedia tests.

Lenovo Recommends is an automatically activated tool that offers downloadable app suggestions every time you switch to laptop or stands modes. Multi Mode Like its predecessor, the Flex can be used in both laptop and stand modes, thanks to its degree hinge. If you prefer to stream your movies and programs, you can do so via the The sound still felt thin, overall, though.

The keys in the top row double as shortcuts for adjusting volume and brightness, closing windows, and switching apps, and they let you do so without holding the Fn key. The Dell Latitude 13 Education Series is our current battery champion for this category at The touchpad made it easy to do pinch-to-zoom, and was responsive for performing such Windows gestures as swiping in from the left to switch apps.

You can even make your own animated GIFs. However, the Aspire 15 hit a higher 45 fps at the same resolution and settings. Graphics The Flex 2 can handle some light gaming, but things get a little sluggish once you take the "light" part out. The sound from the speakers can be likened to a Las Vegas buffet: The display also did an admirable job handling the p trailer for The Hobbit: In Heaven, the Y50 produced 64 frames per second fps at low resolution and detail, but only 22fps with the resolution and detail dialed up.

While processing performance and day-to-day use is valuable, a gaming laptop has to deliver when it comes to graphics and gaming performance. The black chassis is accented with a smattering of red, highlighting the JBL stereo speakers and integrated subwoofer.

The icy white backlighting is sufficiently bright, but the light was strangely missing on my 5 key and on some of my spacebar. You can push the screen back past the degree mark to around degrees, allowing you to position the system with the screen facing out and the keyboard facing down on a table.

No part of the notebook ever surpassed my degree comfort threshold. I could clearly make out the facial pores and stringy moustache of Bard the Bowman, and the films grassy plains and icy battlefields looked rich.

Multimedia tests scores were also strong, particularly for our Photoshop CS6 test 4 minutes 57 secondswhich is significantly faster than the Pentium-equipped Dell Latitude 13 and the Celeron-equipped Acer Aspire EP It accomplishes this in part by ditching the optical drive to reduce the overall thickness of the chassis.

The focus of the interface is the point touch screen. Touch typists will enjoy the full set of keys, as well as the built-in numeric keypad to the right. I blew through the Key Hero typing test at a rate of 85 words per minute with Once I kicked the resolution to p, the game dropped below our playable fps threshold to I enjoy Windows 8.Lenovo IdeaPad Flex Hard Drive Replacement.

Changing the hard drive of Lenovo Laptop.

Lenovo Y50 Touch

Replacement Guides. Keyboard. How to replace the keyboard on the Lenovo Y Touch? Lenovo Y Touch. 2 Answers.

Lenovo Flex 2 (15-Inch)

5 Score. Problem with touch pad. Lenovo Y Touch. 3 Answers. 4 Score. Why is my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro not connecting to Wi-Fi? mint-body.com: Lenovo IdeaPad Y50 Inch Ultra 4K HD Touchscreen Laptop Lenovo Flex 6, Inch IPS Touchscreen, 2-in-1 Laptop (Intel Core iU GHz, NVIDIA GeForce MX Graphics, 16GB DDR4 RAM, GB SSD), 81EMDUS I had to disable the touch screen driver to get it to go away and then it ran smoothly/5().

Product Specifications Reference (PSREF) is a marketing deliverable revealing comprehensive information about the features and technical specifications of Lenovo Products. Aug 12,  · The Lenovo Flex 2 offers solid performance and a full-HD touch display that flips into stand mode for a budget price.

Lenovo brought its signature flip-screen design to /5. Screen may flicker off and back on after Windows 10 upgrade - Lenovo Y, Y Touch, Y Touch. * A test that measures overall performance of the laptop. Average of Y50 Touch class is 8, ** A test to match 20, names to their addresses, average of Flex 2 Class: and that for Y50 Touch, *** A test performed by duplicating GB of mixed media.

Lenovo flex 2 y50 touch
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