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They did not discuss their experiences publicly or in writing until after the Latter-day Saints had moved to Utah and Church leaders had publicly acknowledged the practice.

To Increase the membership of the Church rapidly? Eternity-only sealings indicated relationships in the next life alone. Perhaps the angel reminded him of the purpose for polygamy…raise up seed unto God". Affidavit of President Lorenzo Snow28 Augustfound in Blood atonement and the origin of plural marriage: The Power and the Promise, 60 HarperCollins, Footnote 6 in that essay states in part: The exact number of women to whom he was sealed in his lifetime is unknown because the evidence is fragmentary.

For example, Brigham Young reportedly had only 57 children by some 29 child-bearing wives out of the 55 total women he married. It seems that she was sealed to Joseph the Prophet in the days of Nauvoo, though she still remained his wife, and afterwards nearly broke his heart by telling him of it, and expressing her intention of adhering to that relationship.

The time arrived; but Joseph, in virtuous desperation, concluded rather to flee the city than be the medium of communicating a matter so repugnant to his mind. This makes little sense.

An excellent illustration of this strategy is the case of Sarah Ann Whitney, who, a few months after marrying Joseph Smith, became his polyandrous wife when she civilly married a "pretend" husband, Joseph C.

Church: Mormon founder Joseph Smith wed 40 wives

William Hall wrote that Brigham said something like this to Henry: Evidence indicates that Joseph Smith participated in both types of sealings. The oldest, Fanny Young, was 56 years old. Not long thereafter, while Henry and Zina still legally married and living together, with their two sons were camped at Mt.

In other words, Joseph "married" or was "sealed" to women who were already legally wedded to other men at the time. The Book of Mormon verse provided is Jacob 2: However, this argument is flawed since Joseph had sex with the women he married who already had husbands as discussed later in this response.

New Mormon essay: Joseph Smith married teens, other men’s wives

The Lord responded that He had commanded them to enter into the practice. Moreover, by proclaiming to the world that "all" who have entered plural marriage did so to "rais[e] a righteous seed," Helen was necessarily including her own plural marriage to Joseph Smith.

Critics believe he had an affair with her, was found out, and then introduced the concept of plural marriage in order to justify and continue his affair with her and then other women. Let me add a final note concerning Joseph taking very young brides. It would have been contradictory to have one section condemning polygamy and another approving of it in the same book so the section condemning polygamy was removed from the Doctrine and Covenants.

Kimball found comfort only after his wife Vilate had a visionary experience attesting to the rightness of plural marriage. This should have been the end of the "love" story between Zina and Joseph; however, Joseph refused to give up.

God declared in the Book of Mormon that monogamy was the standard; at times, however, He commanded plural marriage so His people could "raise up seed unto [Him].New Mormon essay: Joseph Smith married teens, other men’s wives.

Religion • LDS founder introduced the practice of polygamy to select members in the s. A response to the LDS Church's essay on Joseph Smith's practice of polygamy.

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Nov 11,  · The essay on “plural marriage” in the early days of the Mormon movement in Ohio and Illinois says polygamy was commanded by God, revealed to Smith.

New Mormon essay: Joseph Smith married teens, other men's wives. Religion • LDS founder introduced the practice of polygamy to select members in the s. Polygamy.

Introduction to Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

Polygamy as a doctrine was introduced into the LDS Church by Joseph Smith. The practice continued after Joseph’s death inand was publicly announced in.

Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo

Website dedicated to enhancing understanding of early Mormon Polygamy from faithful LDS. History, theology, and controversies and discussed.

Download Essay. Few aspects of Joseph Smith’s life have been scrutinized more in recent years than his personal practice of polygamy. Early Mormon polygamy is a historical puzzle that we can at.

Joseph smith polygamy essay lds
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