Is writing a fiction book allowed in islam

This is due to differences between a Muslim reader and the writers, editors, and publishers with respect to personal practices, beliefs and knowledge, as well as the influence of his school of thought, culture, and tradition.

This Islamic Reminder holds true for all materials a Muslim reads.

Writing Fictional Stories

This is undoubtedly good. This was done because so many books were getting lost in the previously established classification methods from the BISAC system, that a need for establishing a clear and distinct classification of specialization for this style of literature was realized, and thereby action taken towards a unification of the definition.

There is nothing wrong with that if it deals with spiritual or moral or social problems, because there is nothing wrong with giving likenesses by telling fictional stories.

I write these things on the basis of my conviction that the Muslims should excel in all areas of life, and so that everyone who reads my writings will know that we are not a backward ummah as some people think.

Authors of Islamic fiction intend for readers to learn something positive about Islam when they read Islamic fiction stories. She is an author who writes stories and articles in English, and is asking about the ruling on writing and receiving payment is writing a fiction book allowed in islam it Allah has given me a great gift, and I write stories and articles in English.

But some popular figures came up with this view and had the audacity to declare haraam that which Allah and His Messenger did not prohibit, and which none of the scholars of Islam declared to be haraam. And Allah knows best. There is a difference between a reading stories in which there is incidental presence of unlawful matters and b writing such stories.

Determining the accuracy and permissibility of Islamic content is the responsibility of every adult Muslim reader. We do not think that it makes a difference whether the stories from which you earn an income are worldly or religious.

We ask Allah to guide your pen and to benefit the Muslims through you. What has been said about it being permissible to write stories and earn income from them may be said about writing articles and earning income from that.

And Allah alone gives success. So I do not think that there is anything wrong with that, because the purpose is to warn others. My writings are not always about Islam; rather I write different things about various subjects, but I am always careful to avoid that which is haraam.

In detail describing characters of the opposite gender a male writer describing the complexion and characteristics of a female character, or a female writer describing a male character. Islamic fiction cannot include harmful content: The same applies to quoting some hadeeths and explaining them and giving likenesses for them.

What is the ruling on that? Hence I have taken this as a profession. Is the money that I get for these writings halaal? Characters can be described, but within the limits of restraint befitting the description of others e. Description of bloodshed is permitted if it is restrained and within the limits of decency and the dignity every human and, in fact, living soul deserves.

Unlawful situations taking place an obvious one is kissing, but how about a character killing in rage? May Allah grant you all good and success in this life and the next. No, it is not permitted to write about unlawful situations in specifics. Authors of Islamic fiction[ edit ] Although the term "Islamic fiction" is rather new in circles of literature and Muslims alike, the art of Islamic fiction is not really so new.

Al-Hareeri said in the introduction to his Maqaamaat: He may Allah have mercy on him replied: They should not contain lies about historical events or real incidents. However, there are some smart people who turn a blind eye and do not comment on my writings, and others who like me and defend me.

They should have sublime aims and great meanings. End quote from Maqaamaat al-Hareeri, p. There is nothing in of itself wrong with coming up with imaginary worlds.Currently Islamic fiction is not recognized as a category by the Book Industry Standards and Communications (BISAC) coding system; however works from other mainstream fiction genres are found to meet the criteria.

and because of its depiction of the protagonist and other characters practicing Islam, qualifying as Islamic fiction. Yes. Do you know Arabian night ( tells)? it’s fiction story (but with taking many real persons like Harun Ar Rasyid).

But in Islam, writer should make good. Is it allowed for a Muslim to read novels? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 9 Answers. Mohammed Monjurul Islam, I'm too epic to fail.

Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 73, Number ) But those poems are not, that praises ALLAH. (sohih Abu Daud) I personally do not know any rule of Islam that prohibits Muslims from reading novels per se.

But Islam. Writing fiction stories My question is, is writing Islamic based fictional stories which are meant for da'wah, islaahi and creating awareness among the Ummah, especially the youth, by using the imagination, sinful in Islam?

Islamic fiction

My writings are not always about Islam; rather I write different things about various subjects, but I am always careful to avoid that which is haraam. Writing fiction stories. Create Comments. الاسم * الايميل * العنوان * التعليق * Categories. Articles & Books. Introduction to Islam.

New Fatwas. Send A Question. What is the Islamic ruling on writing fiction?

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I was wondering about the Islamic ruling for writing fiction? If the author is talented and has a flair for writing fiction/stories, does Islam consider that as haraam? I would like to have the answer with regards to the following genres: How to say "I can read.

Is writing a fiction book allowed in islam
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