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They usually travel in large groups and at times raid isolated petrol stations. They are hoping this series will give people a place to race other than the streets. This places danger both to those involved in the illegal street racing activity as well other other motorists and pedestrians on the road.

In some cases, there may be some street racing that is part of a sanctioned sports racing event, though this is fairly uncommon in the United States. Street racing is common in New Zealand and there are many small clubs offering street racing in remote rural roads.

The drivers, who drove a fleet of luxury sport cars including FerrarisLamborghinis and McLarenswas arrested at the border in Shenzhen trying to return to Hong Kong. The street racing video game series Midnight Club has been very successful in the market and is available on many platforms.

Add to this that drivers can loose their license for six months and possibly do community service. Among them, the Underground series encompassing Need for Speed: August This section possibly contains original research. Later iterations include specific competition modes rewarding the largest monetary damage toll in specifically designed maps.

The alternatives are out there, but many are too lazy or uneducated about the safe way to do things. I was probably up to 80 mph before I started sliding.

It is considered to be the birthplace of North American drag racing. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Underground 2takes place at night in various urban areas, but lacks any police to pursue the player.

They can cordon off normal traffic flow to allow their friends race along a predetermined circuit. It turns out endangering others has bad consequences. Nitro and Need for Speed: One of the causes of street racing in Japan is that, despite the fame and large number of race circuits, these circuits can become overcrowded.

Fights do break out and weapons are sometimes used. Since the races are now mainly scheduled through SMS and Internet forumsthe police maintains a constant vigilance over street racing websites. The program has already cited many drivers; one weekend saw as many as charged including twenty-five criminal charges.

Vandalism is also taking place, thousands of dollars in one night to landscape and signs sometimes Powers. More Essay Examples on The Streets Rubric Of course street racing has been around ever since the introduction of the internal-combustion engine.

To meet commercial expectations, these games often compromise the realism of the car handling physics to give the user an easier game play experience. Two Need for Speed tiles, Need for Speed: As the street racing culture places a very high social value on a fast vehicle, people who might not otherwise be able to afford blazingly fast but very expensive vehicles may attempt to steal them, violently or otherwise.

With the heightened GTI and hot hatch culture starting in the s, street racing was revived in full. Furthermore, illegal street racers may put ordinary drivers at risk because they race on public roads rather than closed-course, purpose-built facilities, such as Pacific Raceways in the aforementioned city.

These groups are terrorizing the streets with their loud and flashy cars. Motorcycle street racers in Malaysia are known in Malay language as Mat Rempit. Cars are checked for illegal modification and if found, owners are fined and forced to remove the offending modifications.

But drivers are not the only ones the law is after, spectators of these races are also being ticketed. Street racing began in the late s as the local vehicle manufacturers Ford Australia, Chrysler Australia and Holden began creating performance versions of their family cars both for attracting the growing male youth market and meeting racing homologation requirements.

These Mat Rempit are infamous for their "Superman" stunts and other feats performed on their motorcycles. The NHRA made drag racing a championship sport in to help take racing off the streets. ProStreetbut this time with much more emphasis on realism and driving style Precision or Aggression.

Los Angeles was the first of the series to be released on seventh generation video game consoles. We were all into cars… it was an adrenaline rush. Illegal racers can be distinguished by their over-modified vehicles which do not follow road regulations in Malaysia.Illegal Street Racing Essay examples; Illegal Street Racing Essay examples.

Words 12 Pages. One of the fastest growing sports in the world is racing.

Racing in general can consist of many different types such as: Drag Racing, NASCAR, Indy, Motor Cross, Truck Rally. Street racing is illegal in Malaysia, as reckless stunts on public.

Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Delete Cancel. Street Racing Cannot Be Legalized.

Dangerous would be the first, and most prevalent reason to make street racing illegal, but after that obvious fact, is the secondary supporting reason of. Illegal Street Racing essays It is midnight at the local Wal-Mart, with the parking lot packed with all makes and models of import cars, ranging from Acura Integra's to Honda Civics, paint jobs shining as bright as a new star in the evening light.

The late evening air is heavy with the smell o. Illegal racing will encompass any racing activity which is not properly sanctioned or allowed by law. In some cases, there may be some street racing that is part of a sanctioned sports racing event, though this is fairly uncommon in the United States.

Illegal Street Racing Essay

Illegal Street Racing is one of the hobbies that like most of the younger guys. These races are illegal because people prepare their cars with illegal systems. These is illegal because its cost the life of the people.

That why there are many sponsors that makes auto parts for these races. Most of /5(2).

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