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Admissions[ edit ] The college does have an admissions test for matriculation. The concerned paper was regarded as critically acclaimed paper in the summit. From time to time the various committees organizes workshops on cv making, mooting, drafting documents and similar.

The winning essay has been published in Indus Valley Times newspaper. The seniors are also very helpful in our first year we faced a legal issue regarding our admissions and the seniors helped us through.

Their paper was ranked 1st among students and Ranked 6th including Teachers Category. The article has been published by Liffey Press, Ireland. A student who has successfully completed three years study is entitled to the LL. Ambedkar organized by Faculty of Law, Lucknow.

What after the Kyoto Era?

Government Law College, Mumbai

Paper published in Publico There are many other committees conducting different activities. We just do not have students from the city but from all over the country infact we even have a few foreign students. Notwithstanding all these empowerment CVC also suffers with some disabilities and drawbacks to enumerate some of them are: Also it has the debating committee.

The Bill was successfully passed by both the houses of parliament in September Some of the noteworthy performances in the previous and current academic year are as follows: What will happen to the students degrees should GLC fail to do so, is unclear.

The entrance exam is compulsory for admissions for law colleges in Maharashtra.

Ombudsman System: A Battle Won!

After a PIL filed by Mr. Legal aid commitee conducts various seminars and organizes visits to jail where they teach filling bail applications and visits to juvenile remand home. The campus is currently undergoing renovation but is pretty good for a government college.

Three years later, GLC has been asked to submit an affidavit detailing whether these shortcomings have been addressed. Miles to go organized by Gujarat National Law University on 17th and 18th march All courses are taught by leading practitioners and experts.

Inone of the permanent deemed colleges that was inspected was GLC Mumbai. The college today stands at this location.

The Team comprising S. The time table is provided by the mumbai university itself. The BLS or the Bachelor of Legal Sciences degree is awarded to the students by the University of Mumbai after successful completion of the 3rd year and the LLB degree is awarded after completion of 5 years.

To be fair though, these problems have been well-known for a while now. In the next three years the actual law subjects, like Contracts, Family law, Labour Laws etc.By Shweta N.

Pandey, GLC Mumbai.

Government Law college (GLC MUMBAI), Mumbai

Ombudsman is derived from the Swedish word meaning ‘grievance person’ or ‘representative or agent of the people’. Ombudsman is referred in oxford dictionary as the ‘people’s defender’. An ombudsman is appointed to safeguard the citizens against abuse or misuse of administrative power by executive.

The uncertainty over admissions to four of Mumbai’s law colleges may just end in less than two weeks time. On September 13, the Bar Council of India’s Legal Education Committee shall decide on the accreditation of the four colleges including that of the Government Law College in Mumbai.

As per documents accessed by Bar & Bench, the problems with GLC Mumbai can be traced back to the year MOOT ACHIEVEMENTS Mooting is the premier co-curricular activity in Law schools throughout the country and the world. comprising of Pankaj Sevta and Anil Vishnoi qualified to Semi-finals and were 2nd Runner up Team in Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University National Urban Youth Assembly International Essay Competition from.

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Dastur Memorial GLC Mumbai Fiction Essay Writing Competition October 19, Each year, the Magazine Committee of the Government Law College, Mumbai, organizes a. The Government Law College, Mumbai, (GLC Mumbai), founded inessay competitions and other activities which help improving the legal knowledge and the oratory and literary skills of the aspiring candidates.

Moot court competitions have been a regular feature since () Supreme Court and High Court judges. Government Law College (GLC), established inhas the distinction of being the oldest Law College in Asia, dating even prior to the University of Mumbai, and enjoys a pre-eminent reputation for excellence in the field of legal education.

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Glc mumbai essay competition 2010
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