Cyber cafe business plan in malaysia real jinnat

Cyber cafe industry in Africa, Journal of Information Science, 29 6 The revised questionnaire was then administered to respondents with a cover explaining the academic purpose of the study Obasi, The second highest ranking is school going students who are still studying in secondary schools with Her research interest includes organisational behaviour, and ICT management areas.

Social Science Research Methods: Once we moved to a shopping complex and focused on cakes, which is what we do best, we tripled our revenue within months. Information Development, 17 4 Time spent per session The amount of time the respondents normally spend in cyber cafes is shown in figure Table II.

There are only We attempt to reveal the usage of cyber cafes by the respondents. In addition, this research has shown most of the cyber cafes users are from the younger generation and most of them are students.

A study in Africa by Mutula found that students use cyber cafes mostly for educational purposes while business people tent to use cyber cafes to transact business and for electronic money transfer. I have found that by paying attention to the 5Ps, the sixth P, Profit, will come!

Reconceptualizing the digital divide [Online serial]. What sells in one place may not sell in another. Cyber cafe can be considered as a model of public internet access and it makes everyone have an equal opportunity to get closer with information technology through a different channel and environment.

Obviously, the Mandarin users were the highest sample because Chinese respondents are the highest in this study. This is contradicting with the latest trend of adopting e-business and moving towards globalization.

A caveat on cost — pay attention to the wastage level. Nonetheless we decided to stick with our concept. Syed Shah Alam is a Doctorate in E-commerce. Limitations As in all empirical research, several limitations of this study must be acknowledged.

Cyber Cafe Usage in Malaysia: The information on this website is not intended as advice in any way. Secondly, only a few studies have conducted in other countries that limit the literature in this study.

The time and cost factor was taken into consideration too. Internet cafes in Tanzania: The existence of cyber cafes in the developing countries like Malaysia, India, South Africa and Bangladesh actually help a lot of people to access Internet easily.

As a result, Malaysian and many other developing countries, the peoples are still relying on other modes of Internet access, mainly the arrangement of public terminals, such as Internet kiosks, cyber cafes, or multipurpose community telecentres Rogers and Skukla, ; Haseloff, The lowest percentage of respondents was 4.

They will tend to answer the questionnaires without thinking much because they do not want to waste their time and money. Basically, the internet consists of millions of interconnected computers scattered around the globe, all linked by fiber, phone lines or other cabling, using a common set of communications protocols that allow the computers to talk to each other Bounds and Karl.

The educational level of the respondents is ranked the highest for those are still studies in undergraduate level that represents Other than that, 3. Out of companies 79 respondents Other people may just feel like getting out of the house to sit and relax undisturbed in front of a computer in a comfortable setting.

In addition, questionnaires should have more than one language, which means using Bahasa Melayu is suggested. It is understandable that people from different states or places will have different priorities while selecting which cyber cafes to go.Cyber Cafe Usage in Malaysia: An Exploratory Study.

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for foreigner under cyber cafe business by force i have to leave this country. I don't think it is a good idea to start a cyber cafe. There are so many people to do it and the competition is so fierce.

How can I open a cyber cafe in Malaysia and make it a successful business? Update Cancel. ad by Toptal. In short, Plan & Execute. But again, the question here is too general.

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Cyber cafe business plan in malaysia real jinnat
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