Critical thinking and decision making training

Gain insight and survey models from neuroscience, psychology, and operations research. Training provided by Decision Innovation will make it clear why Forbes and Career Builder identified critical thinking, problem solving and decision making as the top 3 job skills in demand for Casserly, Make progress on significant decisions during the workshop.

For managers and leaders Decision value and prioritization exercise - Larger organizations use this exercise to generate high value opportunities in a Critical thinking and decision making training session.

Each choice advances one set of consequences while eliminating others. Expert skills for decision analysts dealing with high system complexity Breakdown complexity and increase speed for significant decisions.

Dynamic facilitated decision analysis that combines our services with real time training to build targeted skills while working on key strategic issues Our training will help people at any level who are required to solve problems, think critically and make decisions.

Delivery approaches to fit your organization Our decision making training can be delivered onsite or via the internet to maximize participation and reach. For everyday practitioners Decision making process - Learn the essential elements of a decision making process and why having a process can be important for both individual and team effectiveness.

When you trust your colleagues, you have rapport, you are more productive, and the team can foster critical thinking and creative decision making. Learn to identify personal decision making approaches.

Decision support tools and software - Survey of decision making tools and how they support decision making. Theories for making decisions - How should we and how do we make decisions? Trade studies and tradeoff analysis - Overview of utility curves, multi-level criteria, decision phase gating, and decomposition of large system decisions.

Leadership, management, and decision making - An overview of the role decision making plays in management and leadership with a specific focus on managing change. In-Person Course Critical Thinking and Decision Making Most of you work in settings where your managers have high expectations of you, and where your organizations require that you do more, better, faster, with less.

Decision timing - When is it time to decide? Decision coaching for professional development Get customized coaching for critical decisions with periodic coaching calls or real-time consultations.

Address specific application scenarios. Specific decision making technique application - Get detailed training for a specific technique focused on your application.

Develop your skills with support on decisions you need to make now. Discover common errors with timing and the information needed to choose effectively. The best way to meet those challenges is by creating strong teams, supportive relationships, and a cooperative work environment that fosters critical thinking.

From everyday choices in working with customers to strategic decisions that can change the direction of the business, it is clear that effective decision making is fundamental to achieving goals and generating results needed to succeed.

Decision making techniques - Get an overview of common techniques, such as multi-criteria, decision trees, pro-con, conjoint analysis, etc.

Course Overview One of the greatest challenges leaders face is fostering innovation while still practicing critical thinking and logical decision-making. Learn to assess decision making quality before and after the outcomes. Decision making and knowledge - See how decisions relate to problem solving, critical thinking, systems thinking, innovation management, change management, and knowledge management.

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making

Connected decisions and requirements management - Complete training on our decision making model to manage requirements and enable true change management for large systems. Course content customized to your decision making training needs Unique organizations have different needs for development of decision making skills.

Decision making for management and leadership development Provide managers and leaders with tools that enhance successful collaboration and improve outcomes for high value decisions.

Our training is structured to meet your highest priority objectives. Awareness education for a broad audience Begin changing the culture to focus on how decisions impact business performance at every level.Creativity workshops, critical thinking courses, decision-making programs, problem-solving courses, and strategic-planning sessions comprise Business Training Works’ suite of instructor-led thinking courses.

Build critical thinking skills with our decision making training

Contact us to discuss your need and schedule a program / seminar / class onsite for your team. Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making training can provide and enhance the management and leadership skills needed at every level of the organization.

Training provided by Decision Innovation will make it clear why Forbes and Career Builder identified critical thinking, problem solving and decision making as the top 3 job.

Improve your decision-making capabilities through critical thinking, structured reasoning, and creative problem analysis. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making. Experience expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection. The Critical Thinking Process guides us through all the phases of generating and evaluating new ideas, and can help organizations solve problems using rational thought and logical decision-making.

View Dates and Locations. Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving. COURSE TYPE Foundation. Course Number Duration 3 Days. Make better decisions through critical thinking and creative problem solving; Develop your personal creativity; “This was a great course on critical thinking and problem solving.

I really enjoyed the curriculum - and felt that. This course offers tools and techniques for sharpening the "gray cells" of the brain for clearer thinking and more effective decision-making.

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Critical thinking and decision making training
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