Comparing and contrasting hamlet and laertes in the play hamlet

Four hundred years after it was written, its themes and characters still serve to illuminate aspects of human nature. He does not lead an army or even a mob. Hamlet, Leartes and Fortinbras all had some huge issues to work out in their lives.

Hamlet and Laertes share a different but deep love and concern for Ophelia. Laertes impresses upon Ophelia, Hamlet is a prince who most likely will have an arranged marriage.

Once Laertes learns of the death of his sister he is afflicted with sadness. After the death of their fathers, Hamlet and Laertes strive to seek revenge on the assassins. Perhaps the most important of those aspects is the impulse to seek out vengeance, and the effects different reactions to that impulse can have.

Laertes highly respects and loves his father Polonius. Once Laertes discovers his father has been murdered Laertes immediately assumes the slayer is Claudius. Even if you have not studied English literature, you might have at least heard of the tragedy of Hamlet.

Compare and contrast the characters of Hamlet and Horatio in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Hamlet and Laertes exhibit domineering attitudes towards females. His hastiness is what gets him killed in the end. Hamlet and Laertes also can be compared as sons.

Laertes gives his sister Ophelia guidance on her relationship with Hamlet. Fortinbras does not care what he fights for as long as it brings him honor. In comparison, Polonius dispatches Reynaldo to check up on Laertes. In comparison, Polonius dispatches Reynaldo to check up on Laertes. Conscience and grace, to the profoundest pit!

Once Laertes discovers his father has been murdered Laertes immediately assumes the slayer is Claudius. Their extreme love for her and profound hate for each other is almost a mystery.

He prefers to spend his time in France, rather than at court. Laertes highly respects and loves his father Polonius. Hamlet and Laertes are similar in the way they associate with their families.

Laertes is sensible in understanding and directing his sister Ophelia towards doing the right thing. He returns to Elsinore with a mob, threatening to overthrow Claudius if he does not produce his father and explain his murder. Laertes allows readers to explore how Hamlet should have acted instead of how he did: Laertes feels charged to take revenge for the murder, but like Hamlet, he is hesitant to act.

Similarly, Hamlet holds a great respect for his dead father Hamlet compares his father to a sun god "Hyperion". There is no soul-searching, no worrying about an afterlife and no concerns about conscience. Laertes further displayed his love for Ophelia during her funeral were he fought with Hamlet.

All three of these men avenge in very different ways. Both Hamlet and Laertes are so profoundly distressed at the death of Ophelia they jump into her grave and fight each other. Laertes shared a strong brotherly love for Ophelia which was evident in his advice to her.

Laertes in the Play Laertes and Hamlet both display impulsive reactions when angered. The fathers of Laertes and Hamlet both attempted to use spies to gain information on their sons although not his real father Claudius was his uncle as well as step-father.

He contemplates through the whole play on weather to kill Claudius or not, leaving the reader with the sense that Hamlet is very careful when making decisions. Hamlet, who agonizes, deliberates, and then acts at the last minute, is at one end of the spectrum.

He challenges Hamlet to a dual and he immediately accepts.Unlike the hot-headed Laertes, Horatio, like Hamlet, tends to be cautious. In contrast to his friend, however, Horatio does not suffer the same torments as Hamlet, though, of course, he does not have to deal with his uncle having murdered his father and married his.

What Are the Differences Between Hamlet and Laertes?

A Compare/Contrast of Hamlet through his foils - Laertes, Fortinbras and Horatio. Words | 7 Pages. characters.

Hamlet is by far Shakespeare's most compelling character. In Shakespeare's play Hamlet, various character traits, exhibited by. Hamlet vs. Laertes in the Play, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

Hamlet and Laertes have several differences, but the central one is that Laertes is more a man of action, while Hamlet is more of a thinker. This key difference is most obvious from their responses to the deaths of their fathers. When Hamlet's father dies, there is at first a swirling of questions.

” Compare and contrast the approaches of Hamlet and Laertes to revenge. Hamlet is the son of the late king Hamlet and is grieving over his father’s unexpected death.

Difference Between Hamlet and Laertes

Both Laertes and Hamlet are avengers, avenging their fathers’ murders. Compare and contrast Hamlet; Compare and contrast Hamlet The next similarity of Laertes and Hamlet is that they both grieve over a death in the play.

Laertes grieves the death of Ophelia, while Hamlet grieves over his father, King Hamlet’s death. Because Laertes doesn’t think long about getting his revenge gives the reader reason to.

Comparing and contrasting hamlet and laertes in the play hamlet
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