Can knowledge be a burden rather then a benefit

A president or prime minister who becomes aware that a foreign government has cheated on the terms of an agreement might prefer to have not been presented with that information, as the knowledge of the illegal act in question requires a response that could be deleterious to the broader relationship between the two nations.

During the Cold War, some American officials reacted with disdain to the notion that the Soviet Union was systematically violating the terms of arms control agreements. This is a hazardous example of when knowledge can be a burden rather than a benefit.

Although, with all what knowledge, these people are apparently cause a risk upon the society.

Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?

Beyond the intimate details of the individual, knowledge can be burdensome if awareness of a particular situation compels an individual to act when he or she would rather not. We know how to do many things, but we do not know where, when, or even whether this know-how should be used.

There are two sides to every coin. In these areas in which we are gifted, we may run into trouble that may be difficult to fix, but due to the knowledge we have about such situations we will be able to find a way out.

We cannot know it all. There became less connection between family members, as they grow older. Knowledge is the principal thing and we cannot survive without it.

From the experience he has gained overtime he will know what the important areas are, what questions are likely going to be asked and how the questions are going to be asked.

Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit? In agriculture, medicine, and industry, knowledge has liberated us from hunger, disease, and tedious labor. Yes, knowledge is power, but power corrupts. However, what we keep in mind is neither the excitement of the new born, state of the art weapon nor the relief of the end of the war; instead, it is two weeping cities in complete destruction with two hundred thousand innocent victims and endless incurable depression.

With the augment of knowledge, the new creations and new materials to make these weapons are going to become more powerful that with one blow can harm a country.

Can Knowledge Be a Burden Rather Than a Benefit?

Depending upon the individual and the type of knowledge, knowledge can be a burden. Today, however, our knowledge has become so powerful that it is beyond our control. Every responsible adult should be knowledgeable about his or her health, but knowing If they had remained ignorant of the treaty violation, or felt they could comfortably ignore the information, then there would be pressure to react.

Under certain circumstances, quite possibly. Ingenuous imaginations were becoming fading in my thoughts instead of deliberating on how to trust people and some other things being recreated among adults.Jul 20,  · Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?

using "a newborn baby's mind is like a blank slate; whatever is written upon it affects the baby's future", please help need some reasons and explanations why it can be 1) a burden or 2) a benefitStatus: Resolved.

Knowledge gives ability, and also duty, to make decisions, and decisions of the weight of the Coventry bombing dilemma are certainly a burden. However, Knowledge can obviously also be a benefit, allowing good and correct decisions to be made.

Please score my SAT essay () Assignment: Is knowledge a burden rather than a benefit? Knowledge is a double edge-sword. When used correctly, it can save many lives. Knowledge is like a drug, the more you gains, the more one craves - Can Knowledge Be a Burden Rather Than a Benefit?

introduction. It’s widely acknowledged that the knowledge is a powerful force, which exerted in everyone’s body. Retrospectively, from the history and my own experiences, knowledge can either enhance life or became destructive. Can Knowledge Be A Burden Rather Than A Benefit?There is a serious attention paid to the issue that whether knowledge is a burden rather than a all intents and purposes, there are various opinions on the issue.

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In my narrow perspective, knowledge is just irrelevant, if there's no knowledge, there will be no chance for us to make the world.

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Can knowledge be a burden rather then a benefit
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