An analysis of the characters in the devil and tom walker and the legend of sleepy hollow as greedwa

Active Themes Tom arrives home to find a black, irremovable fingerprint burnt into his forehead. The story continues around Near the inlet where Kidd buried his treasure there lives, in a forlorn house with an air of starvation about it and a starving horse in the field nearby, a poor miser named Tom Walker, who is married to a an ill-tempered, fierce, loud, strong wife as miserly as himself.

There are three loud knocks at the door. Retrieved September 27, Burdened with this secret, he tells his wife. Tom is never seen again.

The earthquakes suggest how shaky a life of worldliness really is, and we might regard the story itself as a metaphorical earthquake that brings proud Tom to his knees.

This suggests that the narrator and Irving, the author thinks that literature should both morally instruct and entertain.

The Devil and Tom Walker Summary

However, it is some of his lesser known works that tend to provoke some great discussion and pensive reflection. He tells Tom that he is known as the Wild Huntsman in some countries, the Black Miner in others, and as the Black Woodsman in this country.

Old Scratch whisks Tom Walker onto the back of a black horse, which gallops away with Tom to his damnation Antagonist: Active Themes Such is the end of Tom Walker and his immorally acquired wealth.

When Tom is away, she takes all their valuables in and goes to make a deal with Old Scratch. Around the cypress, it is said, Tom found cloven footprints and handfuls of coarse black hair. Becoming a member of the local stock exchangeTom buys a big house and a coach but furnishes neither even though he has the money he is so miserly he even half starves his horses.

Warfare is an even more extreme expression of human greed than usury money-lendingand it also results, ultimately, in nothing but ruins, as the fort bears witness to. Irving studied law before becoming interested in historical writing and short fiction.

One day a ruined stock jobber speculator who had borrowed money from him asks for clemency and annoys Tom who says, "The Devil take me if I have made a farthing! The devil is imagined here to be a woodsman, who cuts down living sinners like trees to burn them in the forge and fire of hell.

Irving has a keen eye for the ironies and contradictions of human behavior. He exacts the harshest business terms on those least able to pay. Old Scratch tosses Tom Walker on the back of a black horse which rides toward the old fortress and disappears in lightning.

An example of which is The Devil and Tom Walker, a brooding short story written under the pseudonym Geoffrey Crayon and published alongside many other great works within a collection titled: When Tom searches for his wife and property, all he finds is her apron holding her heart and liver, tied to a tree.

The Devil and Tom Walker Analysis

Retrieved September 27, Tom is sitting in his counting shop in Boston, with a reputation for lending money already. Old Scratch strikes a deal with Tom Walker, offering the riches hidden in the swamp by Captain Kidd in exchange for a great price, which is often thought to be his soul.

The Devil and Tom Walker

Furthermore, after years of dealing in such an unscrupulous business, cheating and swindling people, Tom gradually grows more fearful of the afterlife.

William the Kid ended up dying and never claimed his merchandise, but the devil continues to protect it long after he is gone.

Copyright Super Summary. The reader is allowed to suspend disbelief partly through the framing of the tale, which is recounted by the fictional narrator Geoffrey Crayon, who has heard it from an old Cape Cod whaler, who claims to have memorized it from a manuscript written by a neighbor.

Greed; Old Scratch Point of View: However, the cunning devil makes Tom wait so that when it comes time to bargain Tom will be more desperate and therefore more willing to accept bad terms.In summary, Irving's story 'The Devil and Tom Walker' is a moral tale warning its readers against greed and corruption.

Irving illustrates this moral through the use of an allegory, where the characters, objects and plot represent more than simple elements of the story.

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Washington Irving Biography | Author of The Devil and Tom Walker

The first semblance in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and The Devil and Tom Walker is that nature proves to be a problem to the characters. In The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the hollow is the setting for fear in Icabod's tall tales.

Irving reflected on the dark setting many times in this story. 'The swamp was thickly grown with great gloomy pines and 4/5(4). Explanations, analysis, and visualizations of The Devil and Tom Walker's themes.

Devil and Tom Walker: Quotes The Devil and Tom Walker 's important quotes, sortable by theme, character, or. Washington Irving's classic short story "The Devil and Tom Walker" serves as a warning to readers against the evils of greed and corruption. Its main character, Tom Walker, is a bitter, unloved miser who sells his soul for riches.

Tom is an allegorical figure whose downfall is designed to impart to readers the moral of the story. - Good and Evil in The Devil and Tom Walker The concept of evil in the short story "The Devil and Tom Walker" can be shown in many ways, by Irvings' symbolism.

In the short story, Tom Walker symbolizes all of mankind by portraying him as being "sinful" and evil.

An analysis of the characters in the devil and tom walker and the legend of sleepy hollow as greedwa
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