A brief biography of alexander the great

A very difficult seven-month siege of the city followed. Joint-stock companies developed, as did banking and credit institutions. With Bessus out of the way, Alexander had full control of Persia.

One element, with the heavy equipment, would take a relatively safe route to Persia, the second, under his command, would traverse Gedrosia, a largely uninhabited deserted area that no large force had ever crossed before. There was no cure and he died, aged only 33, master of the largest empire the world had yet known.

The teachings of Aristotle [would later aid] him in the treatment of his new subjects in the empires he invaded and conquered, allowing him to admire and maintain these disparate cultures. When Alexander turned thirteen, his father Philip II wanted the best teacher possible for him.

On his reaching the oracle in its oasisthe priest gave him the traditional salutation of a pharaohas son of Amon; Alexander consulted the god on the success of his expedition but revealed the reply to no one. The Macedonians, who had won so many battles in Europe and set off to invade Asia The most crying abuses of the old judicial system were remedied by the judicial statute of Alexander II, 19th-century coloured woodcut.

Alexander the Great - Summary

But the army mutinied hearing this. After an episode where the two were drinking, Cleitus told his king off, telling him, in essence, that he should follow Macedonian ways, not those of the Persians who had opposed him. Much work fell on the lightarmed Cretan and Macedonian archers, Thracians, and the Agrianian javelin men.

He founded two cities there, Alexandria Nicaea to celebrate his victory and Bucephala named after his horse Bucephaluswhich died there ; and Porus became his ally. Darius III would flee into the eastern part of his empire, hoping to rally enough soldiers for another battle.

Alexander the Great

It took Alexander until the autumn of to crush the most determined opponent he encountered in his campaigns.

The Macedonians were allowed to file past their leader for the last time before he finally succumbed to the illness on June 7, BC in the Macedonian month of Daesius.

The Macedonians spent two hard years in Bactria fighting a guerilla war against the followers of Bessus and the Sogdian ruler Spitamenes.

Alexander the Great: Facts, Biography & Accomplishments

Alexander pursued the defeated Persian forces for 35 miles to Arbela, but Darius escaped with his Bactrian cavalry and Greek mercenaries into Media. It was to be a golden age that lasted from the death of Alexander in B.

Alexander II

After his troops had captured a fortress at a place called Sogdian Rock in B. He let the Greeks know that it was not too late for them to change their minds, but the Thebans confident in their position called for all the Greeks who wished to set Greece free to join them against the Macedonians.

When he was in Egypt he founded a new city which was called Alexandria, in The career of Alexander the Great was one of the most amazing in all history. In ten years he expanded his small kingdom into an empire covering all the lands between Greece and India.

Alexander was the son of Philip II of Macedon, a small state in northern Greece. Brief Overview Alexander was born in July B.C.

to Philip II and his third wife, Olympias. The parents were far from a happy couple, and Alexander was raised primarily under the influence of his mother.

Watch video · Macedonian King Alexander the Great united Greece, led the Corinthian League and conquered the Persian Empire. Learn more at mint-body.com Alexander the Great was an ancient Macedonian ruler and one of history’s greatest military minds who—as King of Macedonia and Persia—established the largest empire the ancient world had ever.

Alexander the Great: The Brief Life and Towering Exploits of History's Greatest Conqueror--As Told By His Original Biographers Oct 26, by Arrian and Plutarch.

Alexander the Great was a king of Macedonia who conquered an empire that stretched from the Balkans to modern-day Pakistan.

Alexander was the son of Philip II and Olympias (one of Philip's seven.

A brief biography of alexander the great
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